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Functions of the NPTAC To take directions from NPTMB for running courses & maintaining minimum standards relating to recruitment, training, promotion throughout Pakistan. Provide information to NPTMB on structural and institutional matters. Ensure implementation of decision of NPTMB.

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Functions of the NPTMB Approve annual work plan of NPA. Approve changes in existing curricula. Standardize courses and delivery of training. Devise guidelines for the recruitment of trainers. Training of trainers and conditions of their service. Select suitable police officers for training. Receive annual report of Central Planning & Training Unit (CPTU).

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Functions of the BOGs Exercise general supervision. Approve the course of studies. Approve training policies. Request and receive grants-in-aid from the GOP & other donor agencies. Approve budget & receive statements of accounts. Secure the audit of the accounts. Purchase/acquire immovable property with prior approval of GOP. Delegate to the Chairman, Commandant, or any other

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Composition of the NPTAC Additional Inspectors General of Police/Deputy Inspectors General of Police of provincial police establishments are the members of the National Police Training Advisory Committee.

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Composition of NPTMB 1. Commandant, NPA Chairman 2. Provincial Police Officer, Punjab Member 3. Inspector General of Police, Sindh - do - 4. Provincial Police Officer, KPK - do - 5. Inspector General of Police, Balochistan - do - 6. Inspector General of Police, Islamabad - do - 7. Inspector General of Police, AJ &

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Composition of Board of Governors 1. Federal Minister for Interior Chairman 2. Secretary, Interior Division Member 3. Secretary, Establishment Division - do - 4. Addl. Secretary (Exp.), Finance Division - do - 5. Provincial Police Officer, Punjab - do - 6. Inspector General of Police, Sindh - do - 7. Provincial Police Officer, KPK -

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