Senior Command Course

Pakistan’s District Police Officers (DPOs) are qualified, well-trained and experienced police managers. Yet, they are overwhelmed by the challenges of leadership responsibilities, limited resources, and the need to multi-task with acts of terrorism and major crimes, as well as political, civilian, economic, financial and personnel issues within their ever-changing, diverse environments. In view of the fact that District Police Officers play such a critical law enforcement role, a Job Task Analysis of DPOs identified  training needs to bridge the gap between what they currently know and the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) they actually need to carry out their duties and tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Previously this course has been run with the title as Command Course which has now been refined and updated with the title Senior Command Course.  Following key areas are inculcated in the Senior Command Course:

  • Manage Crime
  • Oversee & Maintain Law & Order
  • Supervise Administration
  • Supervise Critical Incident Response
  • Manage Security
  • Interact with & Mediate Pressure Groups
  • Maintain Media Relations
  • Collect/Update Intelligence
  • Manage Community Policing

Detail of Command/Senior Command Courses arranged by NPA so far are as under:

S # Period Participants
1. 1.8.1978 to 2.10.1978 11
2. 1.3.1980 to 31.5.1980 17
3. 12.1.2015 to 16.1.2015 15
4. 6.4.2015 to 30.4.2015 9
5. 14.3.2016 to 15.4.2016 10
  TOTAL 62