History of National Police Academy

1890 Police Act of 1861 came into force in Punjab.

1891 Police Training School established at Phillaur, District Jalandhar.

1892 The school started functioning for the trainees of Punjab, NWFP and Princely States. The school was set up in an abandoned building for a military arsenal originally built by Emperor Shah Jahan as a Serai located at the Grand Trunk Road between Delhi and Lahore.

1910 The Assistant Superintendents of Police (ASsP) were already undergoing one year training at this institute as gazetted officers, with separate classes and sessions.

1947 Training of ASsP shifted to Police Training College at Sardah, Rajshahi district, former East Pakistan. The buildings used for the college were originally Silk Factories from the East India Company era and acquired by the Government in 1912.

1971 Separation of East Pakistan left the Police Service of Pakistan without proper training academy.

1972-78 ASsP were trained at the Academy of Administrative Training, Lahore and then at Police College Sihala, Islamabad.

1977 Realizing the plight of police training, the then Chief Martial Law Administrator directed the establishment of a National Police Academy by expanding the facilities at PTC Sihala. This plan could not be realized.

1978 National Police Academy started functioning at multiple locations. The training activity took place at an abandoned PIDC rest house at Soan (outskirts of Rawalpindi) and PTC Sihala. The administrative offices were set up in a rented house in Islamabad. The NPA administration kept struggling to find a proper campus.

1985 A 31-acre plot was earmarked for NPA in sector H-11, Islamabad.

1990 PC-I amounting to Rs. 144.548 Million approved.

1993 PC-I revised, additional facilities added. The revised cost was Rs. 362.272 Million.

1994 The foundation stone of NPA was laid at the present site by the President of Pakistan.

2000 Administration and Training Blocks were partially completed. NPA moved to the present campus and training facilities of PTC Sihala continued to be used for physical and skills training.

2007 Prime Minister allowed the use of 30-acre plot located across the road from the present campus for training purposes.  The land title is yet to be transferred.

2017 Riding School became functional.

2020 Sports Complex partially completed and made functional.

2020 PC-IV still in process.