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2nd Basic Course (6th CTP)

2nd Basic Course (6th CTP) (From 2.4.1980 to 15.1.1981) 1. Major (R) Abdul Hafeez (SP) 2. Major (R) Laeeq Ahmed (SP) 3. Mr. Fayyaz Ahmed Legari 4. Mr. Arif Ikram 5. Mr. Nasir Javaid 6. Mr. Tanveer Ahmed 7. Rana Altaf Majeed 8. Mr. Sarfaraz Hussain 9. Mr. Salim Akthar Siddique 10. Mr. Akthar Ali Janvari 11. Mr. Abdul Wadood Shah

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1st Basic Course (5th CTP)

1st Basic Course (5th CTP) (From 1.4.1979 to 31.12.1979) 1. Mr. Muhammad Shafique 2. Mr. Sami Ullah Khan 3. Mr. Mohammad Saqlain Naqvi 4. Mr. Mohammad Tanvir Ul Haq 5. Mr. Mohammad Tariq Umar Khitab 6. Mr. Fateh Hayat Meken 7. Mr. Wajid Ali 8. Mr. Shariq Hasib Khan 9. Mr. Pervaiz Akbar Lodhi 10. Capt. (R) Falak Khurshid 11. Mr. Javaid Ali Bukhari

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Brief on ICC

INITIAL COMMAND COURSE Government of Pakistan conducts Central Superior Service (CSS) Exams annually through its designated department Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). Selected candidates are trained at the Civil Services Academy in the training known as Common Training Programme which is followed by specialized training of the respective cadres in different designated institutions. National Police

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